Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Blessings

Spring time is always a reminder of growth. Things are beginning to bloom, the temperature is warming up and every thing just begins to look a little brighter. You can see God's work all around, and isn't He a great artist?! I feel our spiritual life often ends a "Spring". A time to grow and bloom and look a little brighter to the world. This is a challenge for all of us to add some "spring" to our lives.

Speaking of growth...WOW, has Niley grown?

Where has the time gone? I feel like I don't have a baby anymore but a little girl. This makes me happy and sad all at once. As mothers, we pray for growth and development and we can't wait until the next stage, but then, do we really want that next stage to happen so soon? I have many friends who became mothers before me and they have offered many words of wisdom and suggestions. These conversations are often very different as to what worked for each of them, but one common remark is..."enjoy the moments, because they grow up too fast". And now I am living this. I feel like just yesterday I was waking up every 3 hours to feed a little baby that everyone said "she's so tiny" to, and now I am waking up a little girl after 10 hours of sleep as she says "no, no, no" and hides under her blanket wanting to go back to sleep! So I am going to try to stop and "smell the spring flowers" and enjoy these precious moments that God has blessed my family so much with.

and during this Easter season let's reflect on ourselves and use it as a time for blooming and growth!

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