Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Birthdays, Birdhouses and Boys...

Have I ever told you that I love birthdays?! I think birthdays are super special days no matter the age! And as you can see from my previous post I like to celebrate birthdays! When Yancey and I first started dating he said " You Wilsons celebrate a birthday every month" and we've added 3 to the family tree since then. Now birthdays have a whole new added fun factor...Niley! What little child doesn't love a bday party? So on Saturday Niley and I attended Hudson's 2nd birthday party. His mom Joly, a friend that I met thru Yancey, planned a fun party at Michael's Craft Store. I did not even know they did parties, but they do! And it was fun! Niley and all the kiddos got to paint a birdhouse. The paint, brushes, aprons and water were all out and ready for the kids when we arrived. It was fun to watch all the kids of different ages enjoy expressing their style on a birdhouse. And of course you get to take the birdhouse home with you! What a fun idea!

Can you tell by her smile that she loves ice cream and cake?!
Here is a pic of Niley and the birthday boy. They were so sweet talking (in their own language) to each other and I wanted to grab a cute photo of them! Don't tell her Daddy she was holding his hand!

Niley got to spend Sunday afternoon with the boys...PapPaw, Uncle Brad, Brady and Conner. They went to see some exotic animals and enjoy a beautiful afternoon outside. Niley absolutely adores Brady and Conner! And don't tell them that I know the feeling is mutual! And did I mention that they are GREAT babysitters?! Even as I loaded Niley in the truck to leave with PapPaw I said "Are you sure you're ok taking her?"...his response, "Yes, Brady is going!"

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fall 2012 updates..

Niley officially became a "walker" at the end of September! She was a little bit wobbly at first but she definitely has the hang of it now! And she has gotten to be a quick mover, keeping me on my toes! This picture is one of her first "action shots"...

I am now in the "30" club, it was kinda of nice to be one of the last ones to join this club. This is one of the perks to be the youngest of most of your friends :) Age has never really been a factor to me but when I think that 40 is only ten years away??!! Really? That seems weird! But hey, I have some really awesome beautiful 40 year old friends..(Yes, you know who I am talking about, that was your "shoutout"!) Yancey planned an awesome birthday weekend for me and I had a blast with some many special friends and family!

We enjoyed a fun night at Fat Mama's...

Yancey and I met in Hattiesburg and my heart is always full of joy when I am there. We met up with my best friends from grad school and their kiddos at my favoirte resturant...Cresent City...yum yum. It was sooo different for us to all be together with our sweet girls, my oh my how much has changed in 6 six years...

Thanks to all for a fabulous bday weekend!
We have also spent several nights at football games and thanks to Niley's best buds, Brady and Conner, she is a sports fan! She enjoyed cheering for her boys and especially clapping with the cheerleaders! (And now she cheers for any football game we are watching TV) I can not believe how time flies and that my nephews have turned out to be such handsome sweet athletes and did I mention talented?! They both won State Champs for football, who knew they even had State Champs in 5th grade?!


Due to limited internet access and computer difficulties uploading pictures...I became frustrated and did not keep up with my blog! But here is hopes that I can get back on track!! I will be doing a few posts as an update of the last 6 months but for now here are some fabulous pics that Maureen Wilson with Maureen Wilson Photography ( www.maureenwilsonphotography.com ) captured in November. You can see Niley is now full of personality! AND SHE IS SO FUN!!

Thanks Maureen Wilson for the fabulous pics! www.maureenwilsonphotography.com