Monday, May 21, 2012

Busy Busy Family

Ok, wow, we have been a busy family lately! I know I still need to do my 9 month photo and info update, and mother's day and baby dedication... but I haven't uploaded my pics to the computer yet. I have plans to start doing much better with uploading and printing pictures, instead of having 5 memory cards with 600 pics on them!!

And a rare photo opportunity of two of the greatest blessings of my life :)

Niley had her first cold about 2 weeks ago, she was a tropper though, and we just rode it out with benadryl and motrin. I am thankful for her being so healthy so far! It took her about 10 days to get rid of it, but as of the last 3 more runny nose! Which I know Niley is thankful for because she DOES NOT like for her nose to be wiped!

The North Carolina Wilsons have been here the last week and, as always, we have enjoyed visiting with them. Niley loves people and attention so she has loved all the extra attention and fun that she has had with them! The reason for their visit was that Cory was graduating from Reform Theological Seminary with his Ph.D, COngrats DR. CORY!! that puts both of my brothers as DRs ?! So I've been told I better get busy to keep up with them, but I'm afraid they may just win out on this one!

And Mam Maw and I hit up the Kelly's Kids outlet for some matching deals for the girls. Karis was so excited to be twins with Niley at church :)

And in the mist of my crazy busy week one of my besties had a sweet baby girl and I was able to make a flying trip to Meridian to get some sweet snuggles. I am so happy for this sweet family and their new addition! And, I remember friends coming to visit us in the hospital and saying "I don't remember mine being this tiny" and I thought at that moment "How could you forget this?"...Well when I went and saw sweet Hannah Brooke, I thought "I don't remember Niley being this tiny!".

And have I mentioned that Niley is crawling everywhere and trying to pull up on everything! She has figured out how to move and she loves to go! We kept her in church Sunday night and let's just say that's probably the last time for that for awhile, ha! She's a busy busy girl!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Random Friday

Ok I just had to post the following picture of one of my besties...

3 years ago Jennifer and I decided, hey, let's do a 5K! Ok really? We can't do that...anyway we did and we were so proud of ourselves that first time. Well last Saturday Jennifer won the 5K at Heritage Days for her group! I was so proud of her! I "completed" the 5K but I did a jog/walk interval. I had been trying to make time for runs to prepare for it, but I just haven't been able to consistently add it to my schedule. And as an update for my random blog 12 weeks ago...I'm such a failure in this aspect of my life, anyway not to make excuses, but to make them...We moved and that took all of my extra time for about a month and that was at the start of my workouts, and we moved farther from the gym so the early morning thing was not an option, then I just got unmotivated so anyhoo, it was worth a shot, but now I just confessed it all to y'all for let's see about 4 lbs. Anyway, that's 4lbs I don't have to loose. I've been able to a few late evenings runs but it's just hard to make it happen. Anyway I'm still going to try!

We had a busy outside last weekend with a family reunion crawfish boil and a birthday party for Audrey Jane! Niley is hot natured but she was a trooper and had fun smiling and waving at everyone.

And this picture just makes me laugh and smile all in one... THis is the Effie Belle family

I work with the children's choir at church and we did a musical "Down by the Creek Bank" in APril and they did a FANTASTIC job, so we awarded them with a pizza party at Fox's. We got to ride in the new church bus and overall the kids were great, but we sure did miss Brady and Conner!

And Yay for Friday!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Growing Girl

Ok this picture just makes me laugh so I thought I would share it! She is just a posing :) It was taken at Taco Bell the other night. We then went to the Market and Niley LOVED sitting in the buggy like a big girl checking it all out! And then we ran into "Miss Mattie aka Scooter Mouse" and oh how that lady can make anyone light up! If you are from south MS then you know what I mean.

We have been amazed the last few days how quickly Niley is growing and developing into a little girl! Her personality is definitely starting to form. She loves to be the center of attention and to know what is going on and for everyone to talk to her!! She has also started imitating any motion or sound that she sees. It is so fun to watch her little brain soak it all up like a sponge. She is really not interested in the whole crawling thing. She would much rather just roll, scoot and "swim" where she wants to go. She contanstly wants you to hold her up to stand and dance. She LOVES her books about animals and gets grumpy when you put the books away. I am so excited to count down the days until summer!