Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sitting up Pics

You can view pics from Niley's sitting up photo session if you click on the link below. If we get 30 comments on the pic, then we will receive a free 8x10, us out :)

I hope my bald headed, blue eyed, happy baby makes you smile!

Monday, March 26, 2012


Gratitude...As I was reading the Sunday School lesson this past week on gratitude, I was reminded of how I should praise God by giving thanks to him for all of the blessings that I have received. For most of us, especially those of us in the south, polite manners are a must for us and our children. At a very young age we are taught to say please and thank you. I have noticed that I have already begun to say it to Niley even at 7 months old.
As I reflected on this yesterday it made me wonder how much I say "thank you" to God?! As Christians we are often good at the "Please" part...Please God heal the sick, please God help me get through this situation, please God bless my family...but are we good at the "thank-you" part? I sat back and thought of all the things to say "thank you" to God for and the list is endless!! So I have challenged myself and I challenge you, also, to say thank you to God for all of the blessings that we have received!

We took Niley for a little baseball action on Saturday. She seemed to enjoy herself and she was great! Niley and Sophie Reid got to have a little pallet playtime during the games. It is so fun to watch them grow. We also had a fun time yesterday at Madeline's 2nd barnyard birthday! Niley loves to be around people and she loves children! And she sure does love Brady...and I think the feeling is beginning to be mutual ;)

Thank you God for the blessing of children and family!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

7 months old and Spring Break!

I'm 7 months old!
I don't know what my weight is now, but I have definitely fattened up because I LOVE my baby food!
I can sit up like a big girl and I am learning how to scoot, I'm almost ready to crawl.
I now have a tooth on the bottom and I am about to get another one, probably this week.
I am wearing 6-9 month clothes and my feet have finally grown a little to size 1!
I am still a great sleeper and I take a morning nap and afternoon nap.
I can say "bye-bye" and mean it with my wave. I have also begun to clap and I think things are funny. I enjoy saying "da da da" when I am playing and "ma ma ma" when I want something.
I absolutely LOVE music and I try to sing along :)

I enjoyed my week of Spring Break with Niley. She is getting to be a big girl and she continues to amaze me with her daily developments. We enjoyed a day at the zoo one day with cousins but it began to rain so our trip was cut short. We took pictures with Maureen Wilson and Maddie and that was fun and of course afterwards we just HAD to go shopping to get some new sandals and church shoes. Niley was also able to spend a few days with her Granna in Meadville and I think they had a good time. We spent last Saturday afternoon at the river with friends and family and I look forward to the days ahead of fun in the sand and sun!

Niley was a trooper at the zoo, even in the drizzling rain...