Monday, December 12, 2011

December Blessings...

December is such an exciting month for us. Not only are we preparing for the blessing of Christmas but we are also celebrating our anniversary and Yancey's birthday. Last week we took Niley for her first visit with Santa. We decided to do this photo at the Bass Pro Shop ( or let's say Yancey decided, ha). The photo with Santa was great and the people were super nice and you get a pass so you don't have to wait in line, and best of all...It was FREE! The Bass Pro offers lots of activities and games and we saw kids of all ages enjoying these. Brady and Conner went with us and they had a great time. Not only were the photos and games free but they also gave a card for free kids meals at the resturant. So it was good fun, entertainment and photos all for FREE. I recommend a trip to BassPro's Santa's Wonderland!
On 12/13 Yancey and I will be celebrating 3 years! WOO HOO! God has blessed us and our wedding vows. We decided to take a little trip to New Orleans for a night. This was our first night away from lil miss Niley. She was greatly missed but we had a great time. Yancey surprised me and made reservations at the beautiful Roosevelt Hotel. We are members of Hilton Honors and we had enough points for a free night, which is normally $219, so join those hotel reward programs, they really do pay off!! The hotel was beautifully decorated for Christmas and there were little girls everywhere dressed in their pretty little Christmas dresses, so of course I asked what was going on. Well, each year the Roosevelt does a "Teddy Tea with Santa" for little girls to dress up and have a party. I heard from a friend this was loads of fun, so next year if you are looking for a fun girls day check into this. This hotel was also featured this month in Southern Living magazine. New Orleans was very pretty all decorated for Christmas. We did a little shopping at Lakeside mall and a little "looking" at the Shops on Canal. We enjoyed a light lunch at Mulate's, one of my favorite cajun restaurants. We also rode the trolly to the French Market, which doesn't seem near as exciting as when I was a child. We enjoyed charboiled oysters that evening at Drago's and of course, who can leave New Orleans without Cafe du monde beignets?! So it is a good thing we did ALOT of walking in N.O. to keep up with all the eating we did!
Below are some pictures from the past week and our travels.

Only 12 days until Christmas!

Brady and Conner tripped me out on the carousel and yes I made them sit in Santa's lap!

Niley was pooped after visiting with Santa!
New Orleans:


Niley at MamMaw's while we were gone:

Monday, December 5, 2011

Busy Weekend

We had a busy busy weekend! We went to the Co-Op on Saturday morning to visit Pap Paw and do a little Christmas shopping with MamMaw. The Co-Op has some great Christmas gifts! Then Granna Jo came down and we went to the G-Burg Parade on Saturday. Niley was happy and content to be there until Santa and his fire truck came through...the siren was too loud! But she only cried for a bit until it passed. After the parade we had Yancey a 30th birthday bash at the barn! It was loads of fun, cooking out and visiting around the campfire. The jambalaya and bbq was yum, thanks to PapPaw and Pop and the chocolate cake and smores hit the spot. Of course the highlight of the night was Yancey's bday present....a fainting goat named GOMER! He has always said he wanted one, so careful what you wish for! Niley was worn out from the busy day and went to bed at 7:30p.m. and slept until 7am the next morning (I know I am blessed to have such a good sleeper)! Here a few pictures from the weekend.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

November Blessings..Happy Thanksgiving!

It has been difficult for me to update my blog with pics due to the fact that we have NO internet in GBurg! We have been busy busy the last few weeks. I have adjusted to being back and work and I am very very thankful for Mimi Glenda taking such good care of Niley during the day. We started Niley on rice cereal this week and she thinks it is yum yum. We can't beleive how quickly she is growing. She now sleeps in her big girl crib in her room. That was also an adjustment for me (her Dad and I slept on the floor in her room the first night we moved to her to her crib). She had been sleeping in a bassinet beside our bed but she was definitely getting too big for it! Bro. Vic and Ms. Sherry let us borrow an Angelcare pad for her bed and I strongly recommend it. It monitors her breathing movement during the night and gives me a little peace of mind. We enjoyed our first Thanksgiving with Niley. I was off of work this week so I enjoyed my extra time with Niley. We have SOOOOOO much to be thankful for!! God has blessed our family so much this year.

Sometimes I just don't want to take a pic!

Shopping at Mistletoe Marketplace, once I figured out how to correctly wear the carrier!

Shopping sometimes wears me out!

Enjoying rice cereal for the first time!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving at MeeMee and PapPaw Wentworths'

Santa will be here soon!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Trick or Treating in G-Burg!

We enjoyed Niley's first Halloween trick or treating in G-Burg! Yancey drove us around town and Granna Jo rode with us. The "lil watermelon's" cousins Brady, "a professional baseball player", and Conner, "Mario" rode with us too. We made the big loop around town stopping at several houses and the church for some yummy treats. Yancey wanted to make sure we got Niley's bucket out at all the stops so HE would have some candy. Niley seemed to enjoy it at first then she decided to sleep through the end of the night out. Trick or treating with an infant is hard work! :) But thanks to the boys and Grandmaw Jo for helping out! After we made the loop we met back at Presley's for some yummy soup and sandwiches. Auntie P is a GREAT cook, it was a perfect ending to a great night!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Trick or Treat

We went to Percy Quin for a little while last Saturday evening for the Halloween festivities. Niley and I enjoyed visiting with Monica and Kylie and their family at their campsite. We only made it trick or treating to one other camper (Melanie K's) before I decided it was too many people and it was time to go home. We were glad to have an excuse to wear our watermelon costume. I will post pics soon from our "trick or treating" night in G-Burg!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Blessing of Maternity Leave

I enjoyed my maternity leave so much and I am thankful to have shared the last 11 weeks snuggling and caring for Niley. We enjoyed getting out and she likes to go, shop and visit as much as I do! Niley and I enjoyed my last week off by doing some more traveling. We spent a few days in Natchez while Yancey was working. We did some shopping at the Kelly's Kids outlet and shops in downtown shopping. Girls are so much for to shop for. I think Yancey may be glad for me to go back to working instead of shopping :). We were also able to get together for dinner with Pop one night and some good friends of ours, Kayce, Chad and Amy and lil Wesson, another night. It was good to visit with them. We went to Aunt Presley's to watch the Saints game on Sunday with her and the guys and to have an excuse for "captain Rodney's" dip! Yum! Aunt Sandra went with us on Monday to Jackson to visit my aunt and Mary Leigh and lil' man Easton. Easton was born the week after Niley so it was fun to see the similiarities and differences in them. We enjoyed our visit with family and ML and I had fun. We certainly weren't able to get as much shopping in as we used to. By the time we fed, changed and loaded up 2 babies and all the gear that goes with them, we only had time for a quick lunch and 2 stores before it was time to fed them again! I was very sad to be back at work. Driving away Thursday morning was one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do. But God was good and blessed me with a good day and Niley a good day too!

View from MS River Bridge where Yancey was working

Snuggling in the chilly weather while strolling in Natchez
Watching the game with the boys
Niley and Aunt Noel
Niley says "oh, I don't know if I like boys yet!"

Friday, October 21, 2011

Blessing of Life

With God's blessings, prayers and help from friends and family, we managed to make it thru the first two months with a newborn.  She is a WONDERFUL and GOOD baby. God blessed us so so much with that!! (Everyone warns for child #2 since she is so good)  She is a great sleeper and avery happy and content baby as long as she gets her milk every 3 hours.  She began smiling and cooing at us at about 6 weeks old and at 8 weeks old she slept thru the night! She got her 2 mo. shots last Friday.  I think I cried more than she did.  I am very thankful for vaccinations but I sure wish there was another way to administer them.  She ran a little fever on Sat, so she got her first dose of Tylenol and it made her feel much better.  We have decided that we should have named her Niley "Go" since we are always on the go. She seems to like to go just like her mom and dad! Here are a few pics from over the last 2 months.
and then there were 3..bringing Niley home

I had a few bumps on my face, but they soon went away.

Our family at church together for the first time. Niley slept thru Bro. Vic's sermon.

I wore my boots to the Co-Op to see PapPaw and to see the cows with my daddy.

Look "hoo's" growing!

Baby News Blessing

We found out in December that we were expecting our first child.  We were so excited and shared this news with family at Christmas.  We decided to find out if it would be a baby girl or boy, because I'm not very patient and I thought there is no way I can wait until delivery to find out!  We wanted to make it exciting for us and everyone else so we did a gender reveal party for family at my mom's in March.  Yancey propsed with M&Ms so I thought, what better way to announce the baby gender than with M&Ms?! I baked mini cupcakes and bought blue and pink M&Ms.  We went for the sonogram and they put the secret in a sealed envelope and I brought it to Jennifer to stuff the cupcakes with either a pink or blue M&M. You already know the results but these are some of my favorite pics....

AHHH! A pink M&M

                                           We were sooooo excited!

                                              Team PINK!  We all guessed right!