Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Niley is 5!

I can't believe we have a 5 year old in the house?!

We (well, Niley) have been planning a Unicorn Splash Party for over a year now for Niley's 5th birthday! She wanted a swimming party with unicorns. Well, mother nature had a different plan. The morning of her birthday we woke up to historic rainfall in our area and Louisiana, so roads were closed, schools were cancelled and homes were flooded. So plans changed but we were still able to celebrate our girl at Gym of Dreams in Brookhaven. So thankful for our friends and family that took the trip to Brookhaven and got out in the rain to celebrate!

So thankful for this girl making me a momma! I love the joy and shine she brings to our family!
Random facts about Niley:
1. She loves to be with others!
2. She does not like to be alone, at all!
3. She still loves to snuggle, hug and spread the love!
4. She started kindergarten!
5. She loves to help.
6. She's the youngest in her class, yet one of the tallest.
7. She still can't ride a bike well, even WITH training wheels.
8. She's terrified of a MOUSE!!!
9. She loves to go go go anywhere!
10. She's very joyful and makes others smile!

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